At Hey Soleil we believe in sustainability in every form and at every moment. This means that a sustainable approach has been a primary consideration in developing the brand and is naturally incorporated in all the processes, from raw materials to production and philosophy. Because we focus on long-lasting design, the lifespan of our garments is naturally extended.

All our products quite literally promote sustainable growth. Because they are designed for kids and kids grow fast, but our collections are designed to last. Because happy kids today are conscious adults tomorrow, and they will save the planet. Because we source the best suppliers and use fine-quality, sustainable and recycled materials in our collections, protecting the environment and society.

Small steps make all the difference. Let’s take care of the things we love:

Low washing: Turn your washing temperature to 30 degrees or lower. This will reduce the ecological footprint by saving energy and will make your clothes look good for longer. Washing your clothes at lower temperatures helps fabrics retain their color longer and avoids textile wear.

Solar treat: Pre-treat stains before washing your clothes by letting the sun do the work! An hour or two in the “soleil” can do wonders to make those stains less noticeable or erase them completely. 

Second chance: Give your kids’ clothes a second chance. Use a patch to cover stains or holes. Ask us for spare buttons. When your kids outgrow their clothes, give them to someone else, brothers or sisters, cousins or friends. Our designs are simple and timeless so they can be used by everyone.

Keep that box: After receiving our beautiful packages, don’t throw them away, keep them close to you. Reuse them, to store good memories or make a cardboard toy. Send them on another exciting journey, by shipping something to someone you love.

Find more about our sustainable sourcing and the benefits of organic cotton here.