Studio Hey Soleil

Are you looking for a fashion designer or a fashion design consultancy?

At Hey Soleil apart from designing our own brand we work as freelancers too.

So what do we do?

Our work goes from trend research, developing moodboards and concepts with the most recent trends; source the most suitable fabrics & trims; focusing on childrenswear we design all kinds of products from jersey, to woven, knitwear, footwear or accessories; and we can also create prints and illustrations that will enhance your products.

How does it work?

Following our clients' vision we start by doing a thorough research and create a concept or mood board. After validation from the client we source the best materials and factories and develop a tailored package to suit the client's needs. We have a strong knowledge on materials and techniques and we work with a vast network of suppliers.
We will deliver items which are relevant to each market and positioning. 

Thinking about starting a new business, outsourcing designers, or if you require assistance developing a specific item or collection we want to help out and deliver exciting and innovative products.
Contact us at with your needs and we'll send you a quote.