Our story

If kids could make their own clothes, what would they be like?

After several years working for different brands in the mass-market industry, Mafalda Faro decided it was time to create something of her own, something that she really felt passionate about. Working between Barcelona and Lisbon and collaborating with very creative close friends led to the beginning of Hey Soleil.

Her goal was to create a brand with an honest, free and expressive approach. Almost like a kid’s perspective over clothing. If kids could draw their own clothes, what would they be like? Colourful. Fun. Imaginative. Nonsense. True. Unexpected. Curious. Free. With scribbles, letters in different sizes, shapes, figures.

While these very serious things certainly inspired her, she had to focus on the practical stuff as well. She valued quality, comfort, and sustainability, of course. So, she kept searching.

One of the brand’s main focus is the hand feel, the garments are made of silky smooth combed cotton offering greater comfort. The idea is to use as less artificial products as possible in the collections. We are happy to ensure that all of our fabrics are suitable for baby and children from ages newborn to four years old. 

At Hey Soleil, we don't order large quantities of stock, which we can’t guarantee will be sold, and our collections are made of high quality sustainable materials. We also try to use fabric leftovers from previous collections and only work with high quality suppliers where employees have optimal working conditions and all our fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified.

We team-up with like-minded artists and illustrators to offer a fresh, creative perspective on kids’ clothes: one that really puts children first, bringing more inspiration, freedom and playfulness into their lives.

We don't want to follow the frantic pace of the fashion industry. We refuse being a mass-market brand and believe that honest, long-lasting, good design is key to a better future.

Above all, at HEY SOLEIL we like to have fun all day so... get dressed to play!