Hey Lab

Hey Lab

At Hey Soleil we love the concept of collaborating with someone, it's in our nature. We think all of what comes out from these partnerships are fresh, wonderful and creative thoughts!
Hey Soleil is teaming up with several artists, supporting creative minds in a fair way and sharing their work.

Pre-ordering system running for 30 days - we want to create awareness for a more conscious way of shopping by producing and selling only items we know will be loved and cherished.

We will also donate a part of our sales to a charity or social cause chosen by each artist.

The motto for this project is our relationship with Nature and the search for a more conscious society while spending quality time with our families.


1. Choose your art
Pick your favorite pack and pre-order it. There is a window time of 1 month, during that period we must have a minimum quantity of 30 orders. You’ll be informed if t-shirts were sent into production, if they weren’t you’ll be refunded. Make sure the size is accurate as we won’t be able to make exchanges.

2. Share it
If you want to make sure that your favourite exclusive design is produced, don’t forget to share it with family and friends.

3. Have fun wearing it
Shipping details will be sent. After receiving your pack you can finally pair it with your best buddy and show it to the world.

Get ready to order Hey Lab!