Pair it with Knot

Because there are things that go together like yin and yang. Hey Soleil teamed up with Knot bringing you the best matches!

Pair it with sun
While you're having fun
Pair it with friendship
Wearing your best outfit
Pair it with Knot
What a great thought 

Like yin and yang are complementary (rather than opposing) forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts so is this partnership between Hey Soleil and Knot.

This collab puts together our playful and sustainable pieces with the high-quality and timeless clothes from Knot. Concepts such as style and comfort, fun and sustainability, classic and modern, learn and play come together to bring you the best outfits. 

KNOT is a Portuguese brand for children with more than 10 years of experience. It represents the concept of family and the importance of family ties as a source of safety, achieving a double meaning with “just for kids?”, and materializing a brand for children that is not just for children. It is inspired by the curiosity of children, by their ability to learn and capture the magic and emotion of each moment, by their capacity to trust... be more like a child. The brand creates simple clothes for sophisticated minds. They want to be part of the family, believing in universality, curiosity, respect and joy. Their collections are developed based on everyday, didactic stories, assuming a compromise between fashion, comfort and technology. And the clothes follow a renovated classic style, focusing on the quality of materials, on the sophistication of details and on a harmonious combination of colors. Conceived, designed and produced in Portugal. For children under ten years, with parts that grow for the whole family, and allow it to share special, happy moments.