Chapter 02 - Birthday Everyday

Birthday Everyday was inspired on the Lewis Caroll novel ‘Through the looking glass’. Meaning that we can throw a birthday party everyday of the year.

The designer was influenced by her own childhood memories spent at her grandparents’ summer house. Evoking sunny picnics and healthy snacks, sipping lemonade and ice creams by the pool. Family and friends were brought together chatting and playing all day long. When the days are longer and sunsets are greater, kids can run around happily and free.

This second chapter presents a fun and colourful collection, adding new fabrics such as tencel (a recycled cellulose fiber), twill and printed musseline in vibrant colours. Committing to Hey Soleil’s sustainable values all garments are made of organic cotton except the striped fabric which is a leftover and was rescued from a dusty shelf and turned into smooth and cute little pieces.

The photoshoot took place at Esqina Cosmopolitan Lodge in Lisbon, where the pieces and the background blend harmoniously together.

Hey! P-A-R-T-Y all year round, put your cone hat on and have some fun. Bring your confetti and get dressed to play!