Chapter 2

Birthday Everyday

Under the motto “it is possible to have a birthday party any day of the year”, the Portuguese children's clothing brand Hey Soleil presents its new collection “Birthday Everyday” - fun, colorful, with lightweight fabrics, all made in Portugal and available from zero to six years.

Mafalda Faro, designer and founder of Hey Soleil, explains that for the creation of this new collection, inspiration came from Lewis Carroll's book ‘Through the looking glass’, but also from her “childhood memories, from long and warm afternoons, from the summer holidays spent at the family house, sipping lemonade and ice cream by the swimming pool and from all the many free and happy times”.

All pieces are made of organic cotton, except the striped fabric that was rescued from a shelf in the supplier's warehouse and transformed into soft bodies, t-shirts and shorts. It also includes the use of fabrics such as Tencel (a recycled cellulose fiber), twill with a special washing and muslin printed in bright colors. Terry pieces ideal for beach days were also introduced.

The campaign shooting took place in Esqina Cosmopolitan Lodge Hotel, “Birthday Everyday'' is available for sale online ( and in the Lisbon store located in São Bento neighbourhood.